Sunday 23 April 2017

Blackout - John Milton #10

Blackout - John Milton #10 (John Milton Thrillers) by [Dawson, Mark]
Blackout is the tenth book by Mark Dawson featuring John Milton and is just as good as all the others.  
In this book John Milton’s life is about to change, we meet Milton who is sober and no longer drinking and also whilst he’s working in a cafe, a complete change to his former government work we know him so well for.  He is told some unexpected news and news that shocks him.  After digesting this news he decides to head for Manila to check out this news and see if it’s correct.  However, not all goes to plan on arriving there and the next thing is Milton is in a Filipino prison, for murder. 
Has Milton completely gone overboard and done something completely stupid!
Life in a corrupt prison is anything but easy as you can imagine.  However in true Milton style we are treated to how Milton copes and the way in which he gets through each day.  As well, we meet a police officer who becomes embroiled in Milton’s case, wants to ensure that justice is served, which also has drastic consequences to the officer.  However the investigation being conducted is hindered at each possible junction.

Mark Dawson is one author who has certainly made it into my Top 10 authors.  I love all his books and with the Milton series it is recommended that you read the earlier books as well.  This can be read as a standalone but to fully understand what makes Milton tick and the mechanics of his mind it is best to read the earlier books and that way you can enjoy Milton even more.
My thanks go to Mark Dawson for allowing me to read and review an eARC of this book.  This review however is my complete and unbiased opinion.   

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