Sunday 31 January 2016

The Angel – (Isabella Rose #1)

The Angel – (Isabella Rose #1) – Mark Dawson

Isabella Rose is the daughter of Beatrix Rose, has the traits and skills of her mother and is as determined as her mother!

This is a new book in a series all about Isabella.

Group 15 is an elite task force who are a bit of a secret group, and after a shaky start and a turbulent meeting which resulted in them being disbanded, the group leave their location and begin to head home.  Just as they are leaving a series of explosions occur in London, the first one being on the London Underground and “the hunt is on”.

This is a job for a special agent called “Pope” and he needs assistance.  He needs “The Angel”.

The book starts off in London, travels through other parts of the UK and then Morocco and Switzerland.  It is fast paced, gripping and leave the reader wanting to read just that one more page / chapter.

My thanks go to Mark Dawson for allowing me the opportunity of reading this and as usual a great book that draws the reader in. 

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