Sunday 31 January 2016

The Green Room – Faith Mortimer

The Green Room – Faith Mortimer

Ella is a nurse, leading a busy working life in a hospital’s trauma department.  Every day is hectic and she rarely gets chance to relax.  In the town where Ella lives, strange things begin to happen to young women who work in the theatre – “the Surrey Punisher” is on the loose.

The story is told in snappy chapters, each one headed with a name but all set around Ella.  The reader is drawn in with each page turned and left to draw their own conclusions.  It is a fast paced psychological thriller that had me wishing my commute to and from work was longer than it was!

The author has the knack of making the reader think the story is going one way, for you to think you know what is happening only to have the rug pulled from under you with yet another twist thrown in.

My thanks go to the author Faith Mortimer and (THE) Book Club #TBC for allowing me to read and review this book.

I look forward to reading more by Faith in the future, having already added to my wish list or kindle in readiness.

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