Sunday 7 February 2016

Hunt for the Enemy - Rob Sinclair

Hunt For The Enemy – Rob Sinclair

The book starts off as a flashback to a time in Morocco, with Logan instructed to do a job by Mackie.  A job he is not 100% sure about.  We are then transported to the present time and to Logan arriving on Granger’s doorstep.  That can only mean one thing they are not safe.

Throughout this book, we are shown insights into Logan’s career.  What made Logan the man he is today.  We are also transported to the present situation and the problems that have occurred.  Why they are in danger.  Why they must run and why they are being hunted!    They need to keep the JIA (Joint Intelligence Agency) off their case, stay ahead of the game and do this all whilst trying to solve the incident that brought them together. 

This is transferred in the author’s unique way through the interweaving chapters.

This book to me was fast paced, had me wanting to learn more about Logan and what made him tick!  How his career was started and the obstacles that were put in his path along the way.  I loved the way we were taken back to his early days and given the opportunity to understand why he is like he is, the people that have hurt him, the people who love him and most importantly the way in which he handles the situations he finds himself in.   

I was drawn into the story from page one and didn’t want my commute to end and when it did end, I wanted it to be home time again so I could get on public transport and open my kindle to read some more.

This is the final part in the “Hunt” trilogy, but a part of me hopes that this is not the end of us hearing about Logan.

Thanks to the authors publishers and Netgalley for allowing me to read this book and also thanks to Rob Sinclair for writing such another great book.  I for one can’t wait to see what is next in store from this author. 

Please note this book is not due for release until 11th February 2016.  However, please click on the link to pre-order here.  You won't be disappointed.     

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