Saturday 28 May 2016

Hope to Die (Alex Cross #22) - James Patterson

What do Marcus Sunday and Alex Cross have in common?  Thierry Mulch!

Sunday is a psychopath who has kidnapped Cross’ wife, two sons and daughter along with Nana Mama.  He is taunting Cross and has a list of tasks he wants Alex Cross to do before releasing his family members back into the fold.

Will Dr Alex Cross save his family?  Will he follow the instructions completely or will he ignore and do his own thing?  This is Alex Cross after all.

John Sampson, Alex Cross and a new detective are in the thick of it and determined to solve this and Alex needs to rescue his family.

This is the follow up to Cross My Heart and despite possibly being able to be read as a standalone read, I would suggest you read Cross My Heart and then this to understand the story.

James Patterson does it again with the Cross series and had me hooked and turning the papers rapidly to find out how this progress and what the end story is.


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