Sunday 26 June 2016

Valentina - S E Lynes



My first thoughts on starting reading to read this book, after the first few pages were “do I have to continue?”, not because I didn’t want to read this, I did!  It sounded right up my street, but because the opening pages were not what I expected to read.

Once I read a quarter of the book (my cut off point as to whether to continue) I realised why the writer / author wrote as she did and set the scene as it’s set.

Shona and Valentina are friends, they met through their children after Shona visits a nursery with her daughter Isla, upon moving to a rural cottage in Aberdeenshire, Scotland with her partner Michael (Mikey) who works away on the oil rigs, on a rotating shift of two weeks on / two weeks off.  Valentina is a mysterious woman, married to a man (that Shona never gets to meet) and they also have a son, who is the same age as Isla, Shona’s daughter.  Shona is happy and excited to have made a friend, as she is lonely after moving into the remote cottage, but then things start to happen which makes her question the friendship.       

This is a book that once I finished, had me thinking about friendships / relationships and the hidden depths people go to!   

This book makes you think, makes you question the things that can and do happen in relationships.  The lengths some people go to, to keep / get what they want.

My thanks go to S E Lynes for contacting me and asking would I like to review this book.  I am so glad I did.  I look forward to reading more by this author.  I would also like to the publishers Blackbird Digital Books.   

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