Friday 26 August 2016

Angel (DCI Ryan #4) - L.J. Ross

Angel: A DCI Ryan Mystery (The DCI Ryan Mysteries Book 4) by [Ross, LJ]


Angel (DCI Ryan #4)

WOW, WOW, WOW! L J Ross has done it again!! Had me rapidly turning the pages to find out what would happen next, gasping when I realised how this was progressing and left me seriously needing my next fix of her wonderful books! I didn't think when the last book finished that I could possibly have those same feelings on picking up this one, but I was wrong and am not ashamed to admit it. This author is rapidly becoming one of my all time favourites and seriously need her to write faster please! 
Over the Easter weekend a body turns up in a shall grave and in all places in a graveyard. A body that has been laid out to look like an Angel. DCI Ryan (who was looking forward to spending some time with his fiancee Anna) along with his close friend and colleague Phillips are called to investigate.
Meanwhile Mackenzie and Lowerson are investigating an elderly woman who has been found dead in her home.
Both teams go off to investigate their own work, with Mackenzie and Lowerson being informed that Ryan's investigation is the priority, so should they be needed then they will be pulled onto that case! The book alternates between both cases and you are left wondering if there is a link between them, only by reading the book can you find out this answer.
There is flashbacks to how the team interact with each other, how much they love and will protect each other no matter what, and how far they have come along with each investigation they have worked on. There is also flashbacks to previous books, however this one can be read as a standalone book should you choose to do that. I however, wouldn't dream of it as I need my DCI Ryan fix and you would seriously be missing out on some fantastic books if you did.
Set in the North East of the country, you are drawn into the surroundings of where the investigations are taking place, and if you are familiar with these places, can picture the scenes so well. I for one cannot wait to go back to some of these places and visit them again, no doubt with a different set of eyes as well.
I know you are all wanting to know what else happens in this book, well sorry that's for you to pick up, buy and read yourselves.  I for one have already got my copy on order and will add to the others I already have.
My extreme thanks go to L J Ross for allowing me to read an advance copy of this book and cannot express my thanks enough. Here's hoping there isn't too long a wait before the next one as I would willing start this now. 

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