Tuesday 2 August 2016

Something Hidden (Andrew Hunter #2)

Something Hidden (Andrew Hunter series Book 2) by [Wilkinson, Kerry]

First of all many thanks go to Kerry Wilkinson for allowing me an ARC of this book.  This review is my honest and unbiased opinion.

Something Hidden is the second book in the Andrew Hunter series.  Andrew Hunter is a private investigator living in Beetham Tower and running a very small private investigator business.  He has an assistant Jenny, a girl that has a hidden past (which we start to learn a little bit more about in this book).  We also start to learn a bit more about Andrew Hunter, and he starts to face up to his past including dealing with the break up from his ex-wife. 

This story is set in Manchester and I love that I can relate to the majority of places that are described, this gives me a sense that I am in the book with them, along with the references to the Manchester weather as well.

Andrew Hunter is a private investigator who cannot seem to say no to people and ends up investigating cases that he wouldn’t normally want to touch.  He doesn’t like confrontation and tries to please people constantly. 

Something Hidden starts with a young university couple who witness a robbery whilst in a Manchester jewellery store, who are then subsequently found dead.  The killer Luke Methodist was found next to them and therefore the case is deemed open and shut.  However Luke’s daughter Fiona doesn’t believe that her dad was responsible for the shootings and hires Andrew (with the little money she has managed to save) to investigate this matter.

This investigation is run alongside another investigation involving missing Bengal cats, another case that Andrew somehow manages to find himself dealing with.

I don't want to give too much away, so if you like Kerry's other books, or books set in Manchester then this one is for you.  

The book keeps the reader entertained and you are able to appreciate where the writer is going with the book, and how the characters are starting to develop.  I cannot wait to hear and read more of Andrew Hunter and his assistant Jenny.  






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