Sunday 30 October 2016

No Place Like Home - Kerry Wilkinson

Released - 3 November 2016

Like all of Kerry's books this one is set in Manchester and the familiar landmarks are described with such accuracy I could imagine myself at the scene.

The book starts in the lead up to Christmas and Craig is back home from London 13 years after leaving, unsure what he's going to do in the future after his marriage has broken up and being made redundant. He arranges to meet up with his long lost friend Mark at the train station and if they go for a drink. The Christmas markets are on, and the way things are described I could imagine myself there drinking the beers and hot chocolate described.

Mark and Craig have been friends since childhood and despite the years that have passed try to pick up where they left off. However all is not as it seems. The book alternates between the present day and past day and let's you understand the mechanics behind their friendship and the lengths that some friends go to.

This book had me wanting to pick up as and when I had chance, and I would often grab a cuppa and immense myself in the book for a couple of chapters often ending up with a cold cuppa at the end of my allocated reading time.

Look forward to reading more standalone books by this author and am also looking forward to the next Jessica Daniel book.

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