Tuesday 31 January 2017

Nothing But Trouble - Kerry Wilkinson

Due for release 9 February 2017

Nothing but Trouble (Jessica Daniel series Book 11) by [Wilkinson, Kerry]

First of all my thanks go to Kerry Wilkinson for allowing me to read and review an ARC of this book.  My review is my own opinion.
Wow what an opening, had my heart in my mouth within the first few pages, gasping out loud with you can’t do that to me now (getting strange looks from the family as it's a book!) and then wondering how this story was going to pan out.
DI Jessica Daniels is tasked with what turns out to be a normally busy day; first of all two prisoners have escaped custody in an incident which occurred on a busy road leading into Manchester city centre, involving two assailants who smashed into the prison van allowing two prisoners to escape.  Later on one of the escaped prisoners is found hanging from a bridge on the M60 motorway. What is going on?
We also have a lone pensioner fearing for his safety, who keeps reporting strange goings on happening to him which the police will not take seriously.  He lives in a house surrounded by other empty houses and despite being told he needs to move won’t.  Is someone trying to scare him into leaving his home?
Meanwhile Jessica is struggling with the relationship that is developing between her and her colleague Archie whilst her fiancĂ© Adam is still in his coma and the medical professions not advise Jessica if he will ever make a full recovery.  (I am hoping that he does, she needs her fiancĂ© back to keep her feet grounded).
Throughout this book, we see the old Jessica returning, the one who couldn’t give a damn how the cases progress, who will go to all lengths to get the results she wants.  We also see her softer and scared side where she is also the caring and responsible adult with regards to her lodger Bex, the young girl she rescued from the streets and who is now living in Jessica’s house. 
Kerry does an excellent job weaving the stories together, managing to make them flow together but keeping the stories separate at the same time.  The author manages to make me want to turn the pages faster, yet never wanting the book to end. And yes, he did it to me again, leaving me on tenterhooks as to what is next in store for DI Daniels professionally and personally. 

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