Thursday 15 December 2016

Behind Her Eyes - Sarah Pinborough

Behind Her Eyes by [Pinborough, Sarah]

Behind Her Eyes is due for release on 26 January 2017 and I was lucky enough to be granted a review copy by NetGalley and the publishers Harper Collins.  My thanks first of all goes to them.

The book was a difficult one for me to review, I enjoyed it and wanted to know more, however found parts of it bizarre. The story centres around Adele (a stay at home wife) and David (a psychiatrist) who are married to each other, have a history which stems back years and you are given insights into this. There is also Louise who met David in a bar (after her friend failed to turn up) and then unknown to her when they met was going to end up her new boss. Louise is a single mum recently divorced and now raising her son whilst trying to work part time as David's secretary. Louise also ends up friends with David's wife and in that difficult situation of trying to please everyone!

The story is told in various chapters and you are treated to the Then / Now areas of Adele and chapters around Louise.

I guessed part of the story as I was reading, however was completely unaware of how the book was going to end and boy did that ending surprise me yet confuse me as well.

I have heard the saying that some books are like marmite and I am afraid this one is like that for me, and assume will be the same for a lot of readers.

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