Thursday 1 December 2016


Well it's taken me a while to think how should I start this review, not because I didn't enjoy reading the book, but because so many times during reading this book, my heart plummeted and I would gasp out loud.

This book is about a child that goes missing after visiting the shops one day for being good. The child in question is only 8. The parent's worse nightmare begins and you are taken through their every waking moment, how they try to function and carry on as normal for their other daughter. The lengths parents will go to find out the truth and seek justice!

The book is told in different perspectives, mum (Libby), dad (Danny) and Hope, the child who has gone missing. I found it difficult to read those chapters of Hope's and at the end of them, wanted to hug my child even more. I have a daughter and at the time of reading this she was 8 and I had to keep stopping myself from just reading the book and think of how the story was being told!

I was left with feelings of do I really want to read on to, yes I need to know what happens!

Books about child abduction are not always easy to read whether fiction or truth and this one is no exception.

The author came across as certainly doing her research / homework and from some discussions I have seen on social media, it was a difficult book for the author to write as well. I finished this book towards the end of November, however it has taken me until the start of December to write my review.

This isn't because I didn't enjoy the book I did, but because it has affected me more than any other crime, psychological thriller book has recently.

This author is one I will definitely be keeping an eye on and have already bought some of her other books to read.

My thanks go to Bloodhound Books for allowing me to read a copy of this book. This review is my honest opinion 

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