Sunday 4 November 2018

Nessie's Husband - Sibel Beadle #BlogPost #Review

Witchy Travel Tales 4: Nessie’s Husband

About the Book

Miranda's daughter, Mimi, is half-cat half-human. Mimi wants to become invisible and hopes that Nessie can teach her how to become invisible and hide from her classmates. The story takes, Mimi accompanied by her witch mother and sisters, to a magical trip across Scotland where the family ends up rediscovering themselves and finding Nessie's husband.
My Review

Today I hand my blog over to my mini me Amelia who has another wonderful review for Sibel Beadle's book Nessie's Husband.   Why not have a read and then grab the book to read with your children / grandchildren / nieces or nephews, any children in fact.

The main characters in this book are Miranda, mother of 7 and Mimi (her second youngest) who is one of her unusual daughters being half-cat half-human. This book is very encouraging to younger kids not to keep hold of their worries and to tell them to people they can trust.  This can be from parents to teachers and even friends. I really enjoyed this book as it was very interesting and I think the pictures help people understand how the story was progressing and help them get a better image of it. Overall this book is a fabulous book for younger kids to read (aged 4 plus or as a book to read with their parents) to teach them about not keeping hold of their worries as this can be a bad idea, because if they keep hold of their worries someone might find out by how they are looking, this can be from whether they are looking sad or upset.   

 About The Author

Living  in  Essex  with  her  two  daughters  Sibel  Beadle  previously  worked  as  a  senior  banker  in  London  before  becoming  a  full-time  children’s  author.  Previous  titles  in  her  Witchy  Travel  Tales  series  include;  The  Seven  Sisters,  Sleepless  in  Stonehenge  and  The  Golden  Bunny  of  the  Lake  District.

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My thanks to Sibel Beadle for providing a copy of the book, the publishers Authorright and also Faye @ Faye Rogers UK for my spot on the blog tour.  

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