Sunday 18 March 2018

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Hi Readers

I was lucky enough to win a competition through My Chronicle Bookbox and I would like to share what was received with you. 

The prize came in a lovely blue box which was presented beautifully and had me all giddy and excited to open and see what was in there.

Inside the box as I opened it was a lovely envelope with the My Chronicle Book Box seal on it and on opening was a lovely letter addressed to me personally advising of the contents that I had won.
They were as follows (and yes I have pictures to show you further down): -
Crow Tree ground coffee by Dark Woods Coffee.  The coffee is described as quality coffee which has chocolate flavours, clean with a hint of fruit, is roasted in Yorkshire and won a gold star at this year's Great Taste Awards.  Dark Wood coffee is served all around the UK including Louise's (My Chronicle Book Box's) local farm shop.
I am not a big coffee drinker, generally only having a coffee if I have been out for dinner somewhere and want to finish off the evening.  However, my husband loves coffee and is looking forward to checking this one out shortly. 

Next there was a beautiful tea and books print from the new autumnal range designed and produced by Miss Bohemia (  Louise didn't feel she could include coffee without something for the tea lovers (which I am most certainly one of them) and she also adores these prints.  Louise I can understand why they are gorgeous, and look forward to getting a nice frame for this and putting up in the office so when I am working on my blog I can see this.

There was also a unique bookish pocket mirror produced by JenThePieceMaker( which was exclusively produced for My Chornicle Book Box.  This has already been placed in my bag and is used and always gets great comments when people see it.
How gorgeous is the back of the mirror?

Next is one of my favourite pieces and what I am forever buying - candles.
This one is an organic, soy based and beautiful scented candle tin from Northumbrian Candleworks.  This is a green apple scented candle and is describes as being of their best sellers and one which I am looking forward to lighting at some stage.

As a lovely final gift, Louise advised that she couldn't send one of their distinctive blue boxes and not include a book, so as a bonus to the prize that was advertised which is gorgeous in every detail.  I received a proof copy of A Pocketful of Crows by Joanne M Harris along with an exclusive interview that Joanne gave My Chronicle Book Box.

What a beautiful, most thoughtful competition prize.  I am honoured to have received this and cannot thank My Chronicle Book Box enough.   Below is a photograph of all the prizes together to show how gorgeous they all look.


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