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The Best Bloomerville Hotel - #BlogTour #Extract

The Best Bloomerville Hotel


Today on my blog I have an extract of The Best Bloomerville Hotel by Caroline James.  I was lucky enough to be able to reveal the cover for this book back in January 2018.



About the Book

Let the shenanigans begin at the Boomerville hotel …

Jo Docherty and Hattie Contaldo have a vision – a holiday retreat in the heart of the Lake District exclusively for guests of ‘a certain age’ wishing to stimulate both mind and body with new creative experiences. One hotel refurbishment later and the Best Boomerville Hotel is open for business!

Perhaps not surprisingly Boomerville attracts more than it’s fair share of eccentric clientele: there’s fun loving Sir Henry Mulberry and his brother Hugo; Lucinda Brown, an impoverished artist with more ego than talent; Andy Mack, a charming Porsche-driving James Bond lookalike, as well as Kate Simmons, a woman who made her fortune from an internet dating agency but still hasn’t found ‘the One’ herself.

With such an array of colourful individuals there’s bound to be laughs aplenty, but could there be tears and heartbreak too and will the residents get more than they bargained for at Boomerville?

‘Britain’s answer to the Best Marigold Hotel! Book me in for Sharing with the Shaman and Clairvoyance in mid-life – this book is fabulous!’

Nikki Ashton, Amazon best-selling author


Now before I go on to provide a sneaky look at the inside of this book with my excerpt, let me tell you a little bit more about the author.


Caroline James has owned and run businesses encompassing all aspects of the hospitality industry, a subject that features in her novels. She is based in the UK but has a great fondness for travel and escapes whenever she can. A public speaker, consultant and food writer, Caroline is a member of the Romantic Novelist’s Association and writes articles and short stories and contributes to many publications.


Her debut novel, Coffee, Tea, The Gypsy & Me is set in North West England, at the time of a famous gypsy horse fair.  The book went straight to number three on Amazon and was E-book of the Week in The Sun.


So, You Think You're ACelebrity...Chef? was runner up the Winchester Writers festival for best TV Drama and takes a light-hearted look at the world of celebrity chefs as they battle it out for fame and fortune. Coffee,Tea, The Caribbean & Me was runner up at The Write Stuff, LBF, 2015 and is an Amazon best-seller and top recommended read by Thomson Holidays. Jungle Rock, a romcom novella set in Australia, revolves around a TV game show.


In her spare time, Caroline can be found trekking up a mountain or relaxing with her head in a book and hand in a box of chocolates.


To connect with the author and find out more, links to Caroline James are below.





So without putting this off anymore, as I know some of you will be looking forward to this excerpt ……….


Hattie raced down the path and as she turned the handle on the wrought iron gates that led to the meadow, she saw that the canvas flap on the tepee had been flung to one side.

  Bob skipped out.

  He glanced around then leant down to grab a handful of wild flowers, which he began to toss, one by one, into the air.

  Grinning foolishly, he started to dance.

  ‘Bleedin’ hell,’ Hattie muttered. ‘He’s smacked off his face.’

  She watched Bob prance up the steps of the gypsy caravan before pausing at the top. Placing the last of his flowers between his teeth, he pirouetted on one foot then flung out his arms and started to tap dance down the steps.

  Curtains parted on the windows of the caravan and several faces peered out. A woman wearing a headscarf and hoops of gold in her ears, smiled and waved at Hattie. Her skin was bright orange and as Hattie stared at the apparition she wondered if Hair and Beauty had a spray-tan offer that week. ‘Nothing to worry about, Queenie,’ Hattie called out. ‘Carry on with your session.’

  Hattie found Bob dancing around the meadow. Jo was going to have a fit and Hattie couldn’t let Bob go back to the hotel in this condition. Damn the Shaman and his herbs. She must do something.

  ‘Oi!’ Hattie called out. ‘Fred Astaire! Get your dancing feet over here.’

  ‘I’m singing in the rain.’ Bob sang as he twirled over to Hattie.

  ‘And I’ll be singing in the sin bin if you don’t get your act together.’ Hattie shoved one arm under Bob’s shoulder and tried to head him off and away from the caravan. But Bob was not to be stopped and, pushing Hattie to one side, broke into a repertoire of song and dance from all his favourite shows. Kicking his legs in the air and striding across the meadow, he belted out a medley.

  ‘And all that jazz!’ Bob sang.

  ‘You’re in bleedin’ Marland not Chicago.’ Hattie tried to grab Bob but he twirled away.

  ‘Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.’ Bob held up a finger and Hattie looked around. He clearly thought that he had an audience. ‘Bright copper kettles and warm coloured mittens …’

  ‘Look, Bob.’ Hattie grabbed his arms. ‘There are no brown paper packages tied up with string and these may all be a collection of your favourite things,’ she waved her arms vaguely, ‘but it’s time to get you safely back to your room.’

  Bob shrugged Hattie away and ran to the gate.

  Bursting through, he hooked his thumbs around a pair of imaginary braces and line-danced down the garden. ‘Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day.’ Bob arrived at the top of the steps and his chorus reached a climax. ‘I gotta beautiful feelin’ …’

  A group of guests enjoying a game of croquet on the lawn, looked up as Bob achieved full throttle. They held mallets and one struck a ball in the direction of the hoop nearest the pond. But the player, distracted by Bob, miss-hit and sent the heavy ball speeding across the path where it hit a stone and bounced up. Hattie heard a whoosh as it sped in Bob’s direction.

  In a split second, she pushed Bob out of the way.

  Bob heard the players call out and as Hattie lunged, he turned and missed his footing and fell headlong into the pond. Hattie skidded to a halt and gravel flew in all directions, pebble-dashing the guests.

  Time seemed to stand still as Bob started to sink into the water.


Well, what do you all reckon to that, sounds like a great book and one that would be perfect to curl up with on a spring evening (if we ever get a spring) or even a nice beach holiday.  If this is the book for you then the links below will help you purchase the same.   


The Best Boomerville Hotel Links:




Publication date for this book was 13 March 2018 so you can buy and read now.


Contemporary / Romantic Comedy by Caroline James  and published by Choc Lit.   


Check out some of the advance praise for this book below.


The Best Boomerville Hotel – Comments from advance readers


‘A lovely addictive read and one that I would recommend.’ Stephanie O’Neill, Ireland


‘Caroline’s characters shone their magic brightly and kept me hooked, evoking strong emotions. A triumph, I absolutely loved this book.’ Nicky Clifford, Author.


‘I really wish I could check into Boomerville and participate in the courses. I loved this book, it is a great read. Thanks to the author for bringing the crazy characters to life - I can’t wait for the next book.’ Ronnie Montgomory, London.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Good to read about middle-aged people falling in love and reinventing themselves. Highly recommended.’ Tracey Owen, Cumbria.


‘Boomerville gripped me from the start with twists and laugh out loud moments. I loved it and hope we see more adventures in the future.’ Lisa Stewart, Southampton.


‘Caroline’s best book yet. I loved the characters and the Lake District setting was gorgeous. Boomerville is a wonderful journey.’  Amanda Williams, Wales.


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My thanks to Caroline James for providing this excerpt, the publishers Choc Lit and also Rachel @ Rachel’s Random Resources for my spot on the blog tour.    


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