Sunday, 10 September 2017

The Black Hornet (James Ryker #3) - Rob Sinclair

The Black Hornet (James Ryker Book 2) by [Sinclair, Rob]
Black Hornet is the next instalment for Ryker AKA Carl Logan, and continues on immediately from the previous book Red Cobra.  If you haven’t read The Red Cobra I would suggest starting there first to help you understand this book.   
In this book we are reminded of what happened at the end of Red Cobra and see Ryker returning home to his partner Lisa, who for some reason isn’t there.  Ryker is concerned and after some investigation work that we know Ryker has the resources to hand to do, are transported to Mexico six months later where Ryker is intent on finding Lisa.  However, on arrival in Mexico, not all works out as planned and we end up seeing Ryker captured and sent to prison.  The prison as you can imagine is not pleasant and is logically run by one man, who is part of the Mexican Cartel and known as the Black Hornet.
The parts set in the prison I found to be a bit of an uncomfortable read.  However, if you have read the previous books by Rob Sinclair then you know that there is always a reason why these scenes are written as they are, and I always think that if they are uncomfortable for a reader to read then the author is doing his job.    
We are given further insights into the JIA and introduced to two new characters who each want to help Ryker but of course nothing is as easy as it sounds.  However, as you can expect nothing else matters to Ryker but finding Lisa and he will stop at nothing to ensure he does just that.
We are treated to the fast-paced chapters, each one wanting you to turn the pages quicker to find out what is going to happen.  You are given snippets that leave you wanting to know more and have you saying just one more chapter time and time again.  
Rob’s books are another of my go to books and I am always keeping an eye out for the next release so I can pre-order in readiness.  I even go to great lengths to recommend these books to family and friends and have even made sure that my husband downloads on to his kindle and reads. 

Prepared to Die - Peter Dudgeon

Prepared to Die by [Dudgeon, Peter]

Prepared to Die has been a book I have been waiting patiently for the author to release.  I have read previous books by Peter Dudgeon and have loved every one of them, so couldn’t wait to see what this book had in store. 

Prepared to Die is a psychological thriller and starts off with a family outing of a grandmother and her grandson enjoying a day at the zoo, however, things quickly take a drastic turn with the grandmother throwing herself into the rhino enclosure under duress and the person who was responsible for making her do this then shooting themselves. 

We are then transported three years later to the murder of Sebastian Fallon found at his home, along with another body found nearby, which seemingly looks like suicide.   How are these two bodies linked?  Are they linked? 

DI Daniel Sheppard has been off work for a period of time, due to nursing his dying wife but now feels that he needs to get back to work and get the old grey matter working again.  Daniel feels that the murder of Sebastian Fallon is not a clear murder-suicide and wants to investigate this further, and does his best to try and solve the case with a team assigned to him that don’t think he should be back at work yet, don’t like the way he runs the investigation and feels that he is not the right man for the job. 

Due to this book being completely different to other books of Peter’s I have read, I found it very difficult to understand what was happening, and found that the first few chapters seemed to be jumping around and wasn’t sure where the story was going.  However, once I started to understand the characters and connected some of the dots, I could get to grasps with the story and found it a good read. 

I am looking forward to seeing if this is the start of a series and if so what is next in store for DI Daniel Sheppard.

My thanks go to Peter Dudgeon for contacting me and allowing me to read and review an ARC of this book.