Sunday 31 December 2017

Mother - S E Lynes

Mother: A dark psychological thriller with a breathtaking twist by [Lynes, S.E.]

This is the second book by S E Lynes I’ve read and after reading Valentina was itching to read the next book and when I knew it was being released was like a kid in a sweet shop!

Christopher is due to start University and on going into the loft for a suitcase to start packing to move, stumbles across information which leads him to find out he was adopted.  He always felt that something wasn’t right, he looked nothing like his parents and was treated so differently to his younger brother and sister.

Heading off to University in Leeds he makes it is mission to find his real parents.   

At this point we are treated to two different storylines, one where Jack the Ripper is around (and am sure many readers remember the news items that were around then, or if not have heard the reports) and the second story is Christopher’s story told from a third person perspective which took me a while to get to grips with.

Compared to Valentine (and I know I shouldn’t compare books) I found this a hard book to read and digest, many times having to put it down and try to work out the background story.  I did however continue to read this and WOW when I got about half way through I was hooked and things started to fall into place and I then found myself picking up the book whenever I had a few minutes spare to read and looking forward to my commute to work and lunch breaks. 

This was an excellent book and OMG what an ending.  Yet again S E Lynes had me doing an OMG OMG moment.   S E Lynes is an author who certainly knows how to get her readers hooked, drawn in and gripped.   
My thanks go to NetGalley, the author S E Lynes along with publishers Bookouture for allowing me to read and review this book

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