Saturday 30 December 2017

Two Sisters

Two Sisters: A gripping psychological thriller with a twist by [Wilkinson, Kerry]    Two Sisters
Two sisters by Kerry Wilkinson is completely different form the Jessica Daniels series and as most people know I’m a huge fan of those books.
Two sisters is a story about, well I think you can guess really.
Megan and Chloe recently lost both of their parents and venture to the cottage their parents have in Whitecliff, a place they haven’t been for a number of years.  A place that holds memories good and bad.  Megan the eldest sister is very keen to return to the cottage after receiving a postcard with “Z” written on the back.  Who is Z?  Could it be from their older brother Zac who mysteriously disappeared whilst they were on holiday in their cottage?
We are told the story of Megan and Chloe through alternating chapters, about Megan’s search for the truth about Zac and what happened to him and if he is still alive.  We learn about the real Megan who has an eating disorder along with various other issues and about her Chloe and the issues she has.
In the village that their parent’s cottage is in, we get to know two sets of people, one set who live in the village all year round who Megan feels knows the truth about Zak and the other set who are holidaymakers who visit every summer, some of them being there when Zak disappeared.  Surely one set must know what happened!
I enjoyed this book and found it was completely different to Kerry’s other books. It had me gripped from the first few pages and was such a good thrilling read.
My thanks go to Kerry for allowing me to read and review this book.  My review is my own, honest unbiased opinion.     

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