Friday 29 December 2017

The Frozen Woman - Jon Michelet

The Frozen Woman

A young unknown woman savagely murdered and her body dumped in a retired lawyers garden, left to freeze under some bushes.

The young woman does not appear to be native to Norway, but so far there are no clues to identify her, her nationality and her purpose for being in the country. The sticky tape residue on her body and her wounds, point the local police to look at her being a drug courier.

A local lad who is on the outskirts of a bike gang is killed in a motorcycle crash, but further investigation point to this being a deliberate sabotage.

Is the retired lawyer under suspicion for the murder of the unknow woman? What are his connections to the bike gang?

A good story with enough twist and turns / surprises to make the book a good read.

For me there was slightly too much background stories going on to take away from the main  why did he need to know the history of the statue that Stinbolt was looking at through the window? Why did he need to know exactly when Stinbolt was looking on his computer and how that tied him out with his essay from school?

I feel and know more about Norway history now but did it really add anything to the story.
My thanks go to the author and publisher No Exit Press for providing me with a copy of this book.

The above review is by Debbie Ramsden - guest blogger. 

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