Sunday 31 December 2017

The Girl Who Came Back

The Girl Who Came Back: A totally gripping psychological thriller with a twist you won't see coming by [Wilkinson, Kerry]

As most of you know will be aware I am a huge fan of Kerry Wilkinson’s book especially the Jessica Daniel’s series so was thrilled when I was asked did I want to review this book and immediately said YES!!!

Olivia disappeared from her garden when she was 6 years old, no one saw what happened and it appears she was in the garden one minute and gone the next.  Her mother never gave up hope she would come home and when it appears that the young lady that has returned states she is Olivia her mother is obviously extremely relieved and happy to see her and is convinced it is Olivia but not everyone else is and a few people are set on proving that Olivia isn’t the real Olivia. 

We are treated to alternating chapters which is the “now” and the “then” which pieces together the story and keeps us guessing as the pages turn.  It can draw you in and keep you hooked wanting to turn the pages quicker and quicker.  It was a great read and one that had me hooked, not as much as the Jessica Daniel’s series but keen to see where the story was going nonetheless. 

There are the usual twists and turns that Kerry puts in to his books, which has you thinking you know what is happening and then somehow the rug is pulled from under your feet with another twist.    

I did however figure out what was happening as I got about half way through the book but this didn’t stop my enjoyment of this and all in all was a great read by Kerry Wilkinson who is one of my favourite authors.

Thanks go to Kerry Wilkinson for allowing me to read and review this ARC as well as the publishers Bookouture.

This review is my honest, unbiased opinion.

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