Thursday 9 May 2019

Uncommon Cruelty - Liz Mistry (Book 4) - DI McGuire #Review

Uncommon Cruelty -  Liz Mistry

About the Book

DI Gus McGuire and his team are called in to investigate the disappearance of a teenage boy after his parents return from a weekend away, to find their home trashed and their son missing. But that is just the beginning.

As the investigation unfolds, Gus must discover what links a violent bikers' gang, a Muslim youth group and a fundamentalist American based Christian church.

Alongside this, two cases from the past come back to haunt DI Gus McGuire and his DS, Alice Cooper.

Gus has a lot to juggle, but will he cope?

Uncommon Cruelty is the fourth in the DI Gus McGuire series set in Bradford, West Yorkshire and is a gritty, Northern Noir read.

My Review

Yet another fantastic book by Liz Mistry, full of fantastic twists and turns with every chapter.

We join Gus and the team as they start to investigate the murder of two young girls and the missing teenager Simon Proctor.  Is Simon connected to the murder or is his disappearance connected to something else.

Gus, Alice, Sampson, Compo and Taffy (the newbie) start to investigate the case.  We follow them as they conduct their investigations along with another murder, this time of a prostitute along with leaks to the press of the current investigation.  We also have the annoying DC Knowles who is determined to stoop to so many levels to destroy Alice.

I found this book such a riveting read and is definitely one of my favourites so far.  There was enough suspense to keep me tapping the pages of my kindle and despite some titbits that had me thinking I knew what was going to happen I still did the "OMG" on a couple of occasions when pieces of the jigsaw I was putting together didn't quite fit and I felt like I had to start some of it all over again. 

About the Author

I am a crime writer based in Bradford but originally from West Calder in Scotland. I studied at Stirling University and taught in Bradford inner-city Primary schools for many years. I write gritty crime fiction drawing on the richness of Bradford's diverse cultures and my writing is heavily influenced by Tartan Noir writers such as, Stuart MacBride, Ian Rankin and Val McDermid. I completed an MA in Creative Writing at the brilliant Leeds Trinity University. I currently have three novels published: Unquiet Souls (my debut novel) and Uncoiled Lies and Untainted Blood. I look forward to writing many more featuring my main character DI Gus (Angus) McGuire and his team. I am co-founder and lead blogger with The Crime Warp Blog

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