Sunday 17 May 2015

Everything and Nothing by Araminta Hall

Read as part of monthly Bookclub read.

The book is centred around Christian, Ruth their two children Betty and Hal along with their nanny Agatha.

Ruth is a full time working mum, deputy editor of a magazine and therefore an extremely busy woman, whose children have problems of their own.

Christian is Ruth's husband with his own job and all seems well. He's working and completely obvlious to his surroundings until Sarah walks back into his life. Sarah is a woman he had an affair with a few years back.

Betty is the eldest child who has never slept in her own bed all night, this causes problems between the parents, each with their own view what should be done.

Hal is the youngest child who has only ever drank milk until Agatha (the new nanny) walks into their lives and through gentle persuasion helps him understand food and encourages him to eat. They form a bond, too strong of a bond which is where the story seems to centre on to me.

Agatha has a past a dark past which you get a glimmer of through the book, but is employed to look after the children, unbeknown to the parents she has an ulterior motive.

The book moves along with the story entwined between them all, each sides story being unfolded as you turn the pages.

Towards the end you have a rough idea of what is going to happen and as you get to the end the story unravels quickly .... too quickly in my opinion and I felt that the ending was rushed, as though the author had realised she didn't have long left to finish the story. You are left with a few unanswered questions I felt and the book seem to end too suddenly.

My rating is therefore 3 stars, based on the fact that I enjoyed the book but it finished too early for me to warrant a higher rating.

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