Sunday 31 May 2015

Stealing Power – Bo Brennan - Stealing Power

Read as part of monthly online bookclub I’m a member of.

Stealing Power tells a story about two detectives. Detective Chief Inspector AJ Colt and Detective India Kane.   This is the first in a trilogy
Detective Kane is based in Hampshire and DCI Colt is based in London.  Colt moves from London to Hampshire to assist with a case of a serial rapist who drugs his victims and then videos the attack and rapes that happen to his victims whilst they are under the influence of the drug.  Most of his victims are not even aware that they have been violated and videoed until well after the event when DNA evidence has been washed away and the drugs are out of their system.

The rapist has major issues with DCI Colt and thrives off sending copies of the videos to him and he also mails a copy to his victim.  The DVD’s have tormented Colt for the last three years and he is determined to bring this serial rapist to justice.

Colt and Kane do not get on once partnered together, Kane is a strong-willed female character, feisty and is not a people person.  Does not like being partnered with Kane as this was her first real lead case which was then snatched from her by Colt arriving on the scene.
I particularly liked the camaraderie between the two characters and wanted things to move along between them, and this kept me entertained at the way they were dealing with each other.  The story was enjoyable and had me guessing who the perpetrator was, only for me to be wrong and then being cross with myself for thinking it was that person on reading more.

Cannot pinpoint any particularly dislikes about the book and look forward to reading more by this author and have placed the next one in my wish list ready to buy. 

This is the first book in the trilogy and having not read the second yet cannot advise whether you would need to read this one first – but if you are looking for a book and like this review then pop along and grab yourself a copy.

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