Sunday 31 May 2015

Locked In (Jessica Daniel, #1)

Locked In – Jessica Daniel (#1)
The story set in Manchester revolves around a serial killer who leaves his victims behind in locked rooms.
Newly promoted DS Jessica Daniels is in charge of her first murder.  Victim has been found in a locked house with no clue as to how the killer got in or back out. 
Jessica investigates the crime with her colleague DC Dave Rowlands and a reporter who she has the fortunate or unfortunate pleasure of knowing Garry Ashford. 
The book is fast paced (in my opinion), short chapters which have you turning the pages faster and faster and the giving you the gentle reveals as you work your way through.  Ends in the usual Kerry Wilkinson way (I have come to know due to having read all of his books so far) where you are itching to get the next book loaded on your kindle in readiness for reading. 
The book and the subsequent books that follow are set in Manchester, around the Gorton, Longsight and centre of Manchester itself. 
If you plan on picking any of Kerry’s books up then make sure you a) have the time it will consume to read the books and b) be prepared that you will want to read the rest of the books he has written.

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