Sunday 31 May 2015

White Devil – Mark Dawson (5*) - White Devil

Received in exchange for an honest review.

This was my first introduction to Beatrix so wasn’t sure what to expect.   All I can say is loved it!!

This is a novella and is the first in a trilogy and are set in Hong Kong.  Beatrix is an ex government assassin currently hiding out and has her own hidden agenda of finding her daughter.  Unfortunately in this book she becomes involved with the Triads despite trying to mind her own business when in a bar having a quite drink.

As this is a novella if I went into any more detail it wouldn’t be worth you reading the book and unfortunately (or fortunately) depending on how you view things, this isn’t going to happen.

If you liked this review and wish to know more then I suggest you pick up the books and make sure you have an hour or more spare so you can sit and read in one sitting like I did.

Well done Mr Dawson on another fantastic book.

Off to read Book 2 in the series now.

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