Friday 25 May 2018

Absent (DS Coupland #4) - Emma Salisbury #BlogTour #GuestPost

Absent (DS Coupland #4), Emma Salisbury 

Today I am pleased to be able to participate in the blog tour for Absent the fourth book in the DS Coupland series by Emma Salisbury.  My thanks go to Kelly Lacey at Love Books Group. 

About the Book

When he stopped a serial killer in his tracks the year before, DS Kevin Coupland had thought that would be the end of it, little realising his own personal nightmare has only just begun.

A child’s body is discovered in a sports bag, kicking off a major investigation for Salford Precinct’s murder squad. Soon the National Crime Agency roll into town and Coupland is under strict instructions to play nice. He’s got enough on his plate to worry about politics. A shock discovery in his personal life is starting to take its toll, causing him to make decisions that bring him to the attention of the powers that be for all the wrong reasons.

DS Alex Moreton returns from maternity leave to find her partner deeply troubled, but with a cold case to review she’s in no position to prevent him hitting the self-destruct button. As he hunts down the child’s killer Coupland is forced to reflect upon his own life and find an answer to a question he’s long been avoiding…

From best-selling author Emma Salisbury comes a gripping warts and all police procedural which will hook fans of Angela Marsons and Ed James.

Guest Post 

Today I have on my blog, a lovely guest post showing the author’s biography, and a list of the books that form part of the DS Coupland series along with another series set in Edinburgh.  This has made me want to read books by this author and cannot believe I didn’t know there was another series set in Manchester.  Fans of my blog will know I love books set in the UK and especially areas that I know and love, Manchester being one of them as I work in the City and am proud to call Manchester part of my home.  

I am seriously kicking myself about this, but will have great delight in collecting these books and then relaxing to read the same.  On reflection it would seem I already have Fragile Cord (Book 1) on my kindle and I am disappointed to note it has been lying there since 2014.  (I am so ashamed that I have left what looks to be a fantastic series sitting idle on my kindle).  That will be rectified during the next few months and hopefully during the month of August when I start my holiday reads.     

Now after confessing my sins, I'll hand you over to Emma who will tell us a little bit more about herself and her books.  

I write gritty, crime fiction that focuses on the 'why'dunnit as well as the 'who'. I worked for a housing association supporting socially excluded men and women with their return into society, which provided me with a lot of inspiration. If you like hard-boiled crime writers Stuart MacBride, Denise Mina AND Ed James then my Scottish crime series is for you. Fans of Ian Rankin or Mark Billingham-style police procedurals should try my Salford detective series. Like living on the edge? Why not try both...

ABSENT is the fourth in my Salford crime series and is available to pre-order now.

ONE BAD TURN is the third in my Salford crime series - No sooner has Detective Sergeant Kevin Coupland stepped off the plane from a family holiday than he gets the call that a woman’s body has been found on a path beside a recreation park in a smart suburb in Salford. Account Manager Sharon Mathers suffered a brutal blow to the head following a night out with friends from work. As the body count rises Coupland makes a startling discovery - the killings are linked to a murder in ’92. Coupland was a probationer back in the nineties - could he be linked in some way to the killer?

A PLACE OF SAFETY is the second of my Salford crime series and opens with a drive-by shooting that leaves a witness in fear for her life. DS Coupland and Moreton return to investigate what looks like a turf war gone wrong when a local gang does everything it can to cover the killer's tracks. Why is a young woman who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time such a threat to them? Or as Coupland suspects, is there more to their guilt than meets the eye?

FRAGILE CORD is the first in my Salford Detective series introducing Alex Moreton and Kevin Coupland as they investigate the murder-suicide of a mother and her son. Alex is under pressure from her partner to have another child, but they're happy as they are, aren't they? Coupland's wife is behaving oddly, is he right to be worried?

My Edinburgh crime series featuring Davy Johnson:

When the daughter of Edinburgh’s most powerful crime lord is kidnapped all hell breaks loose in the city. Determined to find her without the hindrance of the police Gus McEwan summons his most reliable men to track her down. Davy Johnson, still reeling from witnessing an horrific suicide is in no position to refuse. As the violence escalates but no ransom note emerges Davy must convince Edinburgh’s most fearsome gangsters that this isn’t about money or power, but something far more primitive.

TRUTH LIES WAITING, the first in my Scottish crime fiction series introduces anti-hero Davy Johnson as his life is thrown into turmoil when a killer strikes in Edinburgh's underbelly - framing him in the process. TRUTH LIES WAITING will tackle your perception of good v. evil forever.

Fans of Ed James, Stuart Macbride and Ian Rankin will be gripped by the rollercoaster ride through Edinburgh’s colourful underbelly.

Most evenings I can be found walking the family dog on the beach near our home in East Lothian, Scotland. You can find out more on my website and I can be found on twitter @emmasauthor

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My thanks to Emma Salisbury for providing me with all the information on her books, and I look forward to starting and catching up with this series.  My thanks also Kelly Lacey at Love Books Group for my spot on the blog tour.  

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