Friday 4 May 2018

Witchy Travel Tales (Book 3) - Sibel Beadle #BlogTour #Authoright

The Golden Bunny of the Lake District  – Sibel Beadle 

Today I am pleased to be able to participate in the last stop on the blog tour for the Witchy Travel Tales and this stop is about The Golden Bunny of the Lake District (Book 3) by Sibel Beadle.  My thanks go to Rachel from Rachel’s Random Resources for our spot on this tour and the publisher Authoright for providing a copy of the book to read and review.  

About the Book

Miranda’s fifth daughter, Kai, desperately wants a pet. Wherever she goes she collects stray animals from bugs to snakes, however, none of these satisfy her dreams of having an animal she can really look after and call her own. Thankfully, a solution unexpectedly appears when their friend Richard reveals that his grandson —a golden rabbit who lives in the Lake District— has the gift of making children’s wishes come true. And so, armed with some spells and a lot of camping equipment Miranda, along with her daughters Kai and Viva, embark on an adventure. The only question is will they manage to find the giant waterfall where Richard’s cheeky grandson lives and return with a cuddly pet for Kai?   

Again, following on from the first book that was reviewed back in April, the first thing I noticed was how bright the pictures are and could feel myself trying to read how the story was going to unfold through the pictures alone.   I love how each cover is a different colour and the pictures inside relate to that cover and the colours of those are continued.  The illustrator has done a wonderful job.   

This one is set in the Lake District and I love how the books are set in travels across the country.  I have fond memories of the Lake District and love spending time up there. 

I plan on grabbing all three books I have been lucky enough to be sent and curling up with a nice cup of tea and reading them from cover to cover.  If nothing else I am just a big kid at heart! 😊

This is a great book and one that would suit children aged from 4 onwards, one they can read with their parents or when they are old enough be able to read on their own.  

I really cannot wait for the next book to be released to be able to continue this fantastic journey with Miranda and her children. 

About the Author

Living in Billericay, Essex with her two daughters Sibel Beadle previously worked as a senior banker for the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development in Central London before becoming a full time children’s author. Previous titles in her Witchy Travel Tales series include; The Seven Sisters and Sleepless in Stonehenge (Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd 2017). The third, The Golden Bunny of the Lake District is published by Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd March 2018. All three books are available to purchase in paperback RRP £6.99 from online retailers including . For more information please visit: 

According to the back of the book, Sibel Beadle started writing this series when she was getting divorced and the children were away with their father and were begging her for a bedtime story.  I’ll leave you to read the rest of the bit at the back of the book as to how this progressed, but this was a lovely story in itself. 

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Check out the previous stops that have featured on this blog tour for their reviews of the book(s).  

I'm off for a cup of tea and a book!   😉

My thanks to Sibel Beadle for providing both Amelia and myself with a copy of this book and also Rachel @ Rachel’s Random Resources for my spot on the blog tour today. 

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