Wednesday 3 October 2018

Guess My Name with Veggies and Fruit - Liana Strat #Review

Guess My Name with Veggies and Fruits 

Today I am pleased to be able to participate in the blog tour for Guess My Name with Veggies and Fruit by Liana Strat.  My thanks go to Faye Rogers and Clink Street Publishing. 

About the Book

Help your little ones learn about fruits and vegetables with this delightful illustrated children's book, written by childcare expert Liana Strat.

These friendly faces will make new foods fun and engaging for young children.


Today I am pleased to bring you two reviews for this delightful children’s book.  My review and review from my mini me Amelia. 

First of all Amelia’s review 

This is a nice picture book for children to learn about their veggies and fruit in a fun way.  

The pictures are bright and colourful and I found this book would be a good game to play when reading to younger children about their veggies and fruit. 

It could teach young ones to eat more vegetables and fruit, through their descriptions of the food that is described and could help them to start eating more healthy and could help to get them to eat their 5 a day!  

I would recommend this book for children under the age of 6 to read with their parents. 

My Review

This is a lovely picture book, and story to help young children learn about vegetables and fruit.

As Amelia has already described above the pictures are bright and colourful and each vegetable or fruit is spread out over 4 pages, with fun ways to encourage children to possible try vegetables or fruits that they haven’t tried before.

All in all this is a lovely book and I would say is suitable for children under 5 to read with their parents or on their own when capable of reading themselves.  

About the Author

Liana Strat is a Nanny with a Degree in Environment Protection, currently living and working in London. Originally from Romania, she moved to United Kingdom following a career in Childcare, after realising her passion for children. Inspired by the multitude of experiences encountered in this field and with a strong desire to give parents an extra tool for a good food education, she followed the path of writing

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My thanks to Liana Strat for providing a copy of this book via her publishers Clink Street Publishing and also Faye Rogers at Authoright for my spot on the blog tour.   

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