Tuesday 2 October 2018

The Puppet Master - Abigail Osborne #Review

The Puppet Master – Abigail Osborne

About the Book

Looking for your next unputdownable psychological thriller? Then try Abigail Osborne's unmissable The Puppet Master, a stunning thriller full of twists and turns.
Billie is hiding from the world in fear of a man who nearly destroyed her. But a chance meeting with budding journalist, Adam, sparks a relationship that could free her from her life of isolation and fear.
Unbeknownst to Billie, Adam knows exactly who Billie is and is determined to expose her and get justice for the lives he believes she has ruined. But first, he needs to convince her to open up to him. As an unwanted attraction blossoms between them, Adam comes to realise that all is not as it seems. 
Who is really pulling the strings? And are Adam and Billie both being played? 
One thing is for sure, The Master wants his puppets back – and he’ll do anything to keep them

My Review

This book was first recommended to me by a fellow blogger and good friend Neats (AKA The Haphazadous Hippo, link to her blog is here) who between us like to taunt each other about the books we’re read that the other hasn’t and see if we can tempt them with our reviews to pick the book up.  This I’m afraid was one that Neats had read before me and kept telling me I should read this as I would love it. 

Well I must admit that ………………………… she was right (OK Neats you win!) 😊
The Puppet Master is a book that had me hooked from the first few pages where I was introduced to Billie, a girl with a troubled past who refuses to let anyone get close to her and Adam a young man who is a journalist with a particularly unhealthy interest in a story that involves uncovering Billie’s past, not realising as he worms his way into her life the rollercoaster of emotions it unearths for them both. 

A tale of manipulation, a tale of Billie whose trying to take back control of her life.  A tale of Adam trying to uncover that journalist story no matter what the cost! 

I couldn’t believe when I finish this book and went to mark on Goodreads as I do with all my books I’ve read, decided to have a look at the reviews.  I’m one that will not read a review on Amazon or Goodreads until I have read the book.  As I was marking this book and glanced at the reviews, I realised that this was a debut novel of Abigail’s.  If someone had told me that this was the authors first book, I would not have believed them.  It is a great read and intricately weaves the background of what happened to Billie and why Adam is involved as he is.  

About the Author 

Abigail is originally from the Lake District but moved to the West Midlands for University where she completed an English Literature & History degree and also met her husband. She is a passionate reader and has an unsustainable collection of books. This obsession with books has led to her creating her own Dewey decimal system and she has been known to issue fines to family and friends if her book is not returned on time. Writing The Puppet Master has unleashed a love of writing and Abigail hopes to put her scarily crazy imagination to good use. She is currently working on book 2 and 3 and looks​ forward to publishing these soon.

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  1. Great review Bev and good to know that I was right! lol!! 😉 I'm looking forward to see what's next from Abigail.

    Big love for the shout out for the Hippo as well sweetie x x x